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family gathering

Last Saturday was the annual holiday get-together with my mom's family. In which I tell you much more about my family than you ever, ever wanted to know.Collapse )

Oh, I'll post the brownie recipe soon, for those who asked!


Thanks, everybody, for your good wishes!

I'm feeling on the mend. Still tire out easily and coughing (up junk) occasionally, but overall, feeling better. Tomorrow we have a big family holiday get-together and I'm supposed to bring brownies. I make these brownies that some members of my family (and some of my friends) LOVE. They're made from scratch with cocoa and frosted with this fudge-like frosting and are chocolately heaven. The trouble is, I don't feel like making them. I just want to go home and go to bed after work. Speaking of which, I'm going...


hello 2010

I decided I was going to start posting more regularly this year. It's not a resolution, because I never make those, but the change in the year seems like a good time to make changes in my life. Is that a resolution? I don't know. Anyway, here's an update. 2009 was a no-good, terrible, very bad year for me. Some of it I've posted about. The rest, well, I'll continue to deal with it, but I'm determined to get things back on a good track.

I've spent a ton of time reading--mostly on-line stuff that I always think I should do a post with the stories I love. Maybe someday. I've been writing a bit, too. I am anxious to finish Minnesota Dreams, but it's been slow going. I'm hopeful that is looking up. It's not that I'm tired of writing it--I just hate that it's taking me so long to finish because I know it's disappointing to people who are waiting for it. If anyone is left, after all this time. I've also had fun working on some original fiction.

In other news, I rented an office with a co-worker. We both got tired of working at home, so we rented a little hole-in-the wall office and it's going quite well, so far. The rent is cheap and the only other thing we have to pay for is our phone/internet, so it's well worth it. I can still work at home, if I want and I choose my own hours, but at least I can separate work from home more definitively, which I needed.

Today I'm home sick (am trying to gear up to go into the office to do my end of the month paperwork for December, but so far, no go). I've had a cold/sinus infection off and on for about a month, but the past four days have included a really sore throat and cough. Ugh.



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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.


Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!
birthday twin!



all hail

Don't expire from shock, but I thought I'd pop in and say hello and also--the next chapter of Minnesota Dreams is imminent.

Also, if you've asked to be friended and I've neglected you, please ask again. I've been a bit out of it for a while.



A few weeks ago I mentioned that a short story I'd written was accepted for publication in an anthology. It was released Monday!
Here's the link to buy it:

Sindustry Vol. 1

Rentboys, strippers, hookers, and porn stars—these men are making a buck the hard way. This is Sindustry, where a quick fuck is more likely than a romantic kiss. But while they face the harsh light of reality every day, unexpected love finds them in all sorts of crazy ways. Take a look at Sindustry from the outside in, because for these guys, happily ever after is just around the corner.

Here's my story:

Boomerang by Rachelle Cochran

Chance is content with his life in Minneapolis, where he works as a waiter - and sometimes more - at a gay club. But things change the night Evan walks in. Chance and Evan grew up together in a small rural town, and Chance had always longed for them to be more than friends. Surprised when Evan invites him back to his hotel to catch up, Chance is stunned to find he's not the only one who's harbored a long-term crush.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

Excerpt 1Collapse )


Excerpt 2Collapse )

will work for sparkles

I'm trying to get some work done, but I'm too distracted by sparkly things. In particular, this:

this makes me want to write an angel/demon fic in a bad wayCollapse )

more pretty that's eating my brainCollapse )

also, I need to change my lj layout.

So, um, I have some news. I wrote an original story to submit to an anthology and I got the news late last night that it was accepted for publication. I needed something this happy in my life.


So . . . sorry everyone who responded to my second to the last entry that I didn't get back to you. Remember how I was sure that March had to be better than January and February? Well, the good news is, there were no deaths, so I guess that automatically makes it better. However, it wasn't a good month. By any means. Aside from ongoing bad things, my grandma ended up in the hospital three times. The second time, she ended up back down at Abbott-Northwestern in the cities and I had to go down to get her. I had a bit of a mini-PTSD flashback when I walked in. She was there two years ago and I spent the better part of two weeks with her. The first hospital visit was an infection, the second was a heart attack, and the third, her blood sugar had dropped to 25. Thank goodness she lives with my aunt, who caught it right away. She's okay now, but I cannot shake the feeling that the end is coming. And I can't face it.

The other thing that happened is my hardrive froze. Completely. I lost EVERYTHING. And I work from home, so all my work, all my writing, all my pictures, all my ebooks, all my itunes I hadn't saved or transferred to my ipod -- everything from the last year is gone. No, I didn't have an external hard drive. I DO NOW! It was so horrible. It still is. I think I'm stil in shock and so depressed about it. By the way, does anyone have a saved copy of Minnesota Dreams they could send me? I'd appreciate it so much!

So, April HAS to be better than January, February, and March. Right? Please, please, please tell me it will be!

Oh, but something fun--my great aunt, who lives in California and is absolutely adorable, sent me some pictures from when I was a kid and they're so cool! I may have to post some when I get to a scanner. I love old pictures that I haven't seen before!

I'm at a conference south of the cities (the cities, as I refer to them, means Minneapolis and St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs). It's kind of nice to get away...